• Extensible Modular Operating System for Software Driven Cloud Networking

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Designed to provide a foundation for the business needs of next-generation datacenters and cloud networks. Arista EOS™ provides extremely robust and reliable data center communication services while delivering security, stability, openness, modularity and extensibility. This unique combination offers the opportunity to significantly improve the functionality and evolution of next generation data centers.Arista EOS™ Central (EOSC) offers access to articles, architectures, tips, examples, and support to deliver real-world solutions that bridge the gap between what vendors build and what users want. We are actively sharing code samples, engaging in collaborative forums, and posting works in progress to get early insight into use cases.

Getting Started

Thank you for becoming part of the community that building, developing, and using the world’s most advanced network OS – Arista EOS. We wanted to take a few seconds to provide an overview of this site and how its designed, but most importantly remember, it’s your site. Any ideas to make it better, help us improve your experience, or aid in the learning and sharing of best practices please share with us! Either leave a comment, or email us.

If you want to learn more about the power of EOS and the various open source projects we are involved in, please check out our GitHub presence:

EOS open source extensions and examples

18 repositories, 0 followers.

EOS+ projects

36 repositories, 0 followers.

Arista contributions to open source projects

127 repositories, 0 followers.

Get involved

If you want to post your own blog posts or EOS extensibility/integration story, please contact us at eoscentral@arista.com and we will add the required permissions to your account.


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