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CloudVisionPortal – Open-VM-Tools

Open-VM-Tools is an open source add-on that allows for graceful startup & shutdown of Cloud Vision Portal. This allows for graceful startup and shutdown of CVP Virtual Machines with the ESXi manager. Further information and latest version can be found in the link belowhttps://github.com/vmware/open-vm-tools Note: The open-vm-tools package is only supported on Cloud Vision Portal. Open-vm-tools on Cloud Vision Exchange (CVX) or EOS vRouter is not supported at this time. Enabling Open-VM-ToolsStarting in CVP version 2017.2.3 the open-vm-tools package is available to be enabled on Cloud Vision Portal Instances. In order to enable the package: either SSH or login to the...
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CloudVision Deployment Guide using Python API

Audience This document is intended for those that are familiar with, or have intermediate abilities with python scripting. This script is meant for deployment in a greenfield environment, but can be modified to be used in a brownfield environment as well.  With either deployment scenario it is advisable to contact your SE/TAC for a code review or advice prior to deployment. Purpose The purpose of this document is to build automated configlets to push configurations to a massive ECMP(L3), MLAG(L2) infrastructure using the CVP Python API doc. As the scale of switches increases, the script comes in handy by automating...
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