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OSPFv2 Area Filter by Prefix-List

Description In an OSPFv2 Area Border Router (ABR), area filters may be used to prevent specific prefixes from being announced by an area as Type 3 Summary LSAs.  The set of prefixes to be filtered are configured using the ‘ospf area <area_id> filter’ command.  Prior to this release, filtered prefixes were configured one at a time.  With EOS 4.23.0F, a prefix-list may be used to specify the filtered prefixes.  This feature is available with both the multi-agent routing protocol model and the ribd routing protocol model. Platform compatibility This feature is available on all platforms. Configuration The area filter command...
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OSPF and OSPFv3 Non Stop Forwarding

Introduction The OSPF Non Stop Forwarding (NSF) feature adds support for Graceful OSPF Restart (IETF RFC 3623) and Graceful OSPFv3 Restart (IETF RFC 5187) . When OSPF Graceful Restart (GR) is configured, a Smart System Upgrade (SSU), redundancy switchover from active to standby supervisor, or a restart of the OSPF software should be hitless. Neighboring routers continue to forward traffic to the restarting router, and traffic forwarding through the restarting router continues without loss. If GR is successful, router downtime should be completely transparent to network applications. NSF allows the router to retain its hardware routing tables (Forwarding Information Base/FIB)...
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