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Connectivity Monitor

Description Connectivity Monitor is an EOS feature that allows users to monitor their network resources from their Arista switches. The resources being monitored may or may not be Arista devices. Connectivity monitoring is unidirectional in nature. Supported Platforms This feature is supported on all platforms. Configuration Connectivity Monitor is configured under the monitor-connectivity submode: Arista(s1)(config)# monitor connectivity Arista(s1)(config-mon-connectivity)#?   host              Configure host parameters   interface         Configure a set of source interfaces   interval          Configure probe interval in seconds (default is 10 seconds)   local-interfaces  Configure the default interface set for...
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MacSec EAP-FAST support

Support for Media Access Control Security (MACsec) with static keys was added in EOS-4.15.4. This feature brings support for dynamic Mac Security keys. To derive Mac Security keys dynamically, both peers must be configured for 802.1x authentication. One peer must be configured to be the ‘Authenticator’ and the other peer is the ‘Supplicant’. Upon a successful 802.1X authentication sequence between the peers, keying material is generated by both the authenticator and the supplicant. This keying material is then used to derive Mac Security keys to establish a MACSec Key Agreement (MKA) protocol session. The following diagram depicts a typical Mac...
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