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Policing: Rate limiting packets based on Ether Type

Introduction Traffic is managed through policy maps that apply data shaping methods to specific data streams. A policy map is a data structure that identifies specific data streams and then defines shaping parameters that modify packets within the streams. QoS policy maps are user-defined. The switch does not provide preconfigured QoS policy maps and in the default configuration, policy maps are not applied to any Ethernet or port channel interface. Policy maps and class maps are created and applied to interfaces through configuration commands. A QoS policy map is composed of one or more classes. Each class contains an eponymous...
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Storm Control: Rate limiting unknown unicast packets

  Introduction A traffic storm is a flood of packets entering a network, resulting in excessive traffic and degraded performance. Storm control prevents network disruptions by limiting traffic beyond specified thresholds on individual physical LAN interfaces. Storm control monitors inbound traffic levels over one-second intervals and compares the traffic level with a specified benchmark. The storm-control command configures and enables storm control on the configuration mode physical interface. Unknown unicast storm control is another mode added to the existing storm control command. This mode provides the capability to rate limit unknown unicast traffic to a user configurable value in pps...
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