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This feature allows the Arista switch to act as the tunnel head for an MPLS tunnel and is exposed through two mechanisms: 1) Static IP routes having a label associated with each route. 2) NexthopGroup of type MPLS. Each NexthopGroup entry can have a single MPLS label associated with it. Platform compatibility DCS-7050X DCS-7250X DCS-7260X DCS-7300X DCS-7260QX DCS-7060CX DCS-7060CX2 DCS-7260CX DCS-7320X-32C-LC Configuration MPLS push route configuration MPLS push routes are configured similar to static IP routes with the addition of the label parameter. The below example configures an IPv4 static MPLS push route with label 12000. Arista(config)#ip route label...
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Control WRED threshold for non-ECT packets

This feature is an extension to the Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) functionality for non-ECN-Capable Transport (non-ECT). It allows the user to configure Weighted Random Early Detection (WRED) thresholds for dropping non-ECT packets, which enables non-ECT packets to participate in WRED congestion avoidance independent of the ECT packets. Platform compatibility DSC-7050X DCS-7250X DCS-7300X Configuration The non-ECT thresholds are configured at an interface’s tx-queue level. The drop profile is defined by minimum-threshold, maximum-threshold, and drop-probability. The units for thresholds can be given in segments, bytes, kilobytes or megabytes. Please note that global config level qos random-detect ecn allow non-ect configuration is needed to allow (and not...
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