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Forwarding destination predictor support for additional tunneling protocols

Description Forwarding destination prediction enables visibility into how a packet is forwarded through the switch and allows the user to determine which interface a given packet will egress. This feature has been extended to include additional tunnel packet types, namely IP-in-IP, GRE, , and IPSEC tunneling protocols. Platform compatibility DCS-7020 DCS-7280/R/R2 series DCS-7500/R/R2 series TCAM profile configuration To support this feature, a custom TCAM profile needs to be configured that includes tunnel packet types not currently included in the system profiles. The following example shows the configuration of the required packet types to the forwarding destination predictor feature based on the...
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Advanced Mirroring Features

Filtered Mirroring Current Behavior Overview Filtered Mirroring allows certain packets to be selected for mirroring, rather than all packets ingressing or egressing a particular port. Platform Compatibility DCS-7010T, DCS-7050X, DCS-7060X, DCS-7250X, DCS-7260X, DCS-7300X, DCS-7280E, DCS-7500E, DCS-7280R, DCS-7280R2, DCS-7500R, DCS-7500R2, and DCS-7020, DCS-7280R3, and DCS-7500R3 are supported. Configuration Note: To use this feature on the DCS-7280SE, DCS-7500E, DCS-7280R, DCS-7280R2, DCS-7500R and DCS-7500R2 series, a platform configuration may be required to enable the mirroring ACL profile. See the platform-specific section for instructions. Filtered mirroring is configured by creating an IPv4, IPv6 or MAC access-list and then attaching it to a monitor session....
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Support for software egress sFlow

Description This feature adds support for a selected set of configured interfaces to collect egress flow samples. Egress sFlow can be configured on ethernet and port-channel interfaces. Egress samples are taken after the packet has been rewritten by the egress pipeline. As a result, packets that are dropped due to egress ACL deny rules or due to congestion will not be sampled. Hardware acceleration is not currently supported for egress sFlow and all sample processing is performed in software. Supported platforms DCS-7500R DCS-7280R DCS-7500R2 DCS-7280R2 As of 4.25.2F, support for the following platforms were added. DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R3 Configuration To...
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TAP Aggregation – 802.1Q Tag Stripping

Description This article describes the TAP Aggregation 802.1Q (VLAN) tag stripping feature. This feature allows up to two of the outermost incoming 802.1Q tags to be stripped, and can be configured on a traffic steering policy or a tool port. Platform compatibility DCS-7280E, DCS-7280R/R2, DCS-7280SR DCS-7500E, DCS-7500R/R2 DCS-7020 (Starting in 4.23.0F) DCS-7280R3, DCS-7500R3, DCS7800R3 (Starting in 4.24.1F) Configuration To configure 802.1Q tag stripping on a tool port, the following command format is used. (config-if-Et1)#switchport tool remove outer <1-2> To remove only the outer VLAN tag, the configuration is as follows. (config-if-Et1)#switchport tool remove outer 1 To remove both the inner...
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