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Troubleshooting based on Control Plane Policing (CoPP) for Sand Platform

Objective This article is going to explain few important Copp queues of Arista Sand platforms- 7280 series, 7020 series, 7500 series that are responsible for handling various control-plane packets and how to troubleshoot based on that.  Copp or Control Plane Policing are various queues or buffers in Arista switches for handling various plane packets. Different Copp handles different kinds of control-plane packets and each has its own significance. The control plane policing (CoPP) feature increases security on the switch by protecting the CPU from unnecessary or DOS traffic and giving priority to important control plane traffic.. It also segregates different...
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Virtual IPs in Vxlan and need for vVTEP

Objective Objective of this Document is to contrast the differences in the behaviour of “ip address virtual” and “ip virtual-router address” in VxLan and to understand the need for virtual VTEP IP with or without L2 VTEP in a network. Topology VXLAN Direct Routing Model Virtual IP in SVI 100: Virtual IP in SVI 200: Virtual MAC: 0011.2233.4455 VARP VTEP IP (VVTEP): Underlay Protocol used: OSPF Types of Virtual IPs: Types of Virtual IPs usually configured with Vxlan: 1) ip virtual-router address 2) ip address virtual RULE-1 : If ethernet source MAC of original/naked frame is “PHYSICAL”...
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