• Author : Aniket Bhowmick


Virtual IPs in Vxlan and need for vVTEP

Objective Objective of this Document is to contrast the differences in the behaviour of “ip address virtual” and “ip virtual-router address” in VxLan and to understand the need for virtual VTEP IP with or without L2 VTEP in a network. Topology VXLAN Direct Routing Model Virtual IP in SVI 100: Virtual IP in SVI 200: Virtual MAC: 0011.2233.4455 VARP VTEP IP (VVTEP): Underlay Protocol used: OSPF Types of Virtual IPs: Types of Virtual IPs usually configured with Vxlan: 1) ip virtual-router address 2) ip address virtual RULE-1 : If ethernet source MAC of original/naked frame is “PHYSICAL”...
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