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Transient Capture Buffer (TCB)

Description TCB provides a mechanism to capture information around an MMU drop event EOS support includes: Configuring the TCB to capture using different match conditions. Capture of the dropped packet and associated details are exposed only using gRPC. Platform Compatibility This feature is available only on Trident 3 single chip platforms. Configuration The configuration consists of setting up the match criteria for capturing the dropped packet: platform trident mmu drop capture drop     Specify the drop type enable   Enable drop capture history  Specify capture history match    Match drop on sample   Specify sample rate   Drop Type can be selected as: platform...
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VXLAN Routing on 7280E, 7500R and 7280R Platforms

The 7500 and 7280 switch series platforms have previously supported VXLAN bridging, which enables stretching of Layer 2 domains across an Layer 3 IP Cloud. In EOS-4.18.0F, VXLAN routing is introduced on these platforms, which provides the capability to route between these stretched Layer 2 domains. In this release, only IPv4 unicast routing is supported in the overlay. In particular, VXLAN Routing is only supported in the Direct Routing mode, where every host is directly attached in the overlay to every VTEP in the network. This requires all VXLAN SVIs for the overlay subnets to be configured on all VTEPs....
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Arista EOS 4.18.0F – Transfer of Information

Arista 7500R/7280R/7500E/7280E Specific Features VXLAN routing on 7500R and 7280E/R series Per port per vlan QoS on 7300X, 7280(E/R), 7500(E/R) Series DSCP+ECN based classification Sub-interface ACL support on 7500R and 7280R seies MLAG Multicast Convergence improvements MLAG Unicast Convergence Arista 7250X/7300X/7320X Specific Features Directflow support on 7300X Series Unknown Unicast Storm Control Policer on LAGs on 7300X Series Per port per VLAN QoS on 7300X, 7280(E/R), 7500(E/R) Series WRED on 7050X/7250X/7300X series ECN counters Directflow support on 7300X Series MLAG Unicast Convergence Arista 7050X Specific Features Aggregate Storm Control Per traffic class on 7050X/7060X series PTP/SMPTE/AES Unknown Unicast Storm Control Selectable...
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