• Author : Pinky Agrawal


LANZ on 7160 series

  Introduction LANZ on 7160S-32CQ, 7160-48YC6 and 7160-48TC6 adds support for monitoring congestion on front panel ports with Start, Update and Stop congestion events. This feature is supported on 7160 from EOS version 4.20.1F onwards. Platform compatibility 7160S-32CQ 7160-48YC6 7160-48TC6 Configuration LANZ can be enabled on the switch with the following command: 7160(config)#queue-monitor length This enables LANZ on all front panel ports with the default high and low threshold values. LANZ can be disabled on interface Ethernet1 with the following command: 7160(config-if-Et1)#no queue-monitor length 7160 uses a default high threshold of 450 pages and low threshold of 128 pages: 7160(config-if-Et2)#default...
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