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NAT Support on 7050X3

Description NAT feature has been supported in DCS-7150 for many years.  Starting 4.21.6F, limited NAT functionality is supported on certain 7050X3 platforms.  Only Static Unicast is supported. Platform compatibility 4.21.6F: Starting 4.21.6F, basic static unicast NAT is supported on the following platforms: DCS-7050SX3-48YC12 DCS-7050CX3-32S 4.23.0F: Starting 4.23.0F, CCS-720XP, DCS-7050SX3-48YC8 and modular systems are also supported. Configuration There are no changes to the CLI Configuration of NAT features on these devices compared to how they are configured on other platforms. Example: interface Ethernet1/1 ip nat source static access-list foo Show Commands The following additional platform show commands have been...
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Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) Counters

This enhancement is to display the number of packets that were ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) marked by the switch. The counter value does not include the incoming packets that were already marked. The existing show platform trident counters will now display this counter as an additional item. Platform compatibility DCS-7060X series DCS-7260X series DCS-7320X series Configuration These counters are enabled by default and no configuration is required. Show Commands The command show platform trident counters will display the ECN marked packets value. Arista#show platform trident counters interface ethernet 8 … Ethernet8 TX – ECN marked packets 124 …


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