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Arista Custom Event Handler To Take Action Based On Interface Utilization

Introduction An EOS event handler executes a Linux Bash shell command in response to a specific system event. An event handler consists of a Bash command, a trigger and a delay; when the trigger event occurs, the action is scheduled to run after a delay in seconds. With the particular customer, I was working with they wanted to shut down a mirror session when a bandwidth threshold was reached. The main reason for the custom event-handler was because they were heavily oversubscribing a mirror session destination and were worried about affecting their production traffic. In the scenario, they had several...
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Migrating from a VXLAN Controllerless implementation to a Cloud Vision eXchange (CVX) Controller

Introduction This post is intended to give step-by-step instructions on how to migrate from a controllerless VXLAN implementation that is using manual Head End Replication (HER) with static flood lists to a controller based model using Cloud Vision eXchange (CVX) with VXLAN Control Services (VCS).  The order of the steps we are going perform in the migration section of this document were tested and found to cause the least amount of impact in terms of packet loss during a cutover from HER to CVX. This article assumes that you already have a working knowledge of VXLAN with manual Head End Replication, an...
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