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SNMP IP address ACL support

Description SNMP IP address ACL support provides the ability to add access-lists to limit the source addresses that can be used to query the SNMP server, reachable on the switch through the access SNMP data (port 161).  The access-lists will contain standard permit and deny commands. Platform Compatibility This feature is platform independent. Configuration [ no | default ] snmp-server ( ( ipv4 access-list IP4_ACL )  | ( ipv6 access-list IP6_ACL ) ) [ vrf VRF ] If VRF is not specified, “default” is assumed Show Commands show snmp ( ( ipv4 access-list [ IP4ACL ] ) | ( ipv6...
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BFD Authentication

Description BFD (Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) authentication is used to validate the identity of BFD peers.  Authentication requires that adjacent peers be configured with the same authentication mode and shared-secret profile. Three forms are supported, simple password, keyed MD5, and keyed SHA1. Simple password is the least secure but also requires the least amount of additional processing, whereas keyed SHA1 is the most secure but also requires the most amount of additional processing.  The feature can be configured globally, per-interface, and/or per peer. It allows different keys per peer, interface, and/or time period. Platform Compatibility Supported on all platforms. Configuration There...
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