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ECMP Hash Visibility

Description ECMP Hash visibility CLI determines the output interface for an ECMP set based on the flow parameters supplied by the user. Ingress interface, source IP address, destination IP address and IP protocol are the required parameters. L4 source and destination ports and VLAN identifier are optional, but should be specified if the packet has them. The command also supports tunnel encapsulated traffic calculation (IP-in-IP, GRE) and provides optional fields for these. 7050(config)# show load-balance destination ingress-interface <interface> { src-ipv4-address <ipv4-address> dst-ipv4-address <ipv4-address> | src-ipv6-address <ipv6-address> dst-ipv6-address <ipv6-address> } ip-protocol <protocol> { { inner src-ipv4-address <ipv4-address> inner dst-ipv4-address <ipv4-address> inner...
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Ingress/Egress per-port IPv4, IPv6 counters

This feature provides support for per-interface ingress/egress packet/byte counters for both IPv4 and IPv6. Platform compatibility DCS-7280SR DCS-7280CR DCS-7500-R DCS-7300X DCS-7250X DCS-7050X DCS-7060X Please note feature is platform specific, packet versus bytes distinction, and the ability to count routed packets only (as opposed to counting all IPv4/v6 traffic: routed or bridged). Please consult your systems engineer to check if a particular combination is supported. Configuration IPv4, IPv6 ingress counters (counts bridged and routed traffic, supported only on front-panel ports) can be enabled/disabled using the following command: Arista#[ no ] hardware counter feature ip in For IPv4, IPv6 ingress/egress counters that...
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Egress per port v4 and v6 counters

Description This feature tracks the number of IPv4 unicast, IPv6 unicast and IPv4 multicast packets routed by each physical port. This is to overcome the limitation that as of EOS-4.21, there is no counter that shows these egress per-port counts that is separated by IP versions. Platform compatibility DCS-7300 (but not 7300X3) DCS-7250X DCS-7050X[2|3] DCS-7060X[2|3] Configuration None. (the feature is enabled by default and cannot be disabled) Show Commands 7050#show platform trident counters ... Ethernet52/1 TX - Good IPV4 L3 multicast packets                0 Ethernet52/1 TX - Good IPV4 L3 unicast packets          ...
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