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CloudVision Portal – Campus Features

Campus Introduction CloudVision offers a number of Campus related features. We introduce these features and show how they can be helpful from a management standpoint while operating your network.   Connected Endpoints CloudVision leverages DHCP based discovery to identify and fingerprint connected end points.

CloudVision Portal – Change Control

Change Control Overview A Change Control is used to make changes to devices in your network. This video provides an overview of the basic components of change controls and different actions that can be taken while making changes to EOS devices in your network.    Configuring and Applying Snapshots Snapshots give us a picture of the state of devices at a select moment in time. Find out how to create different snapshots in CloudVision and apply them to devices in your network. Additionally, learn how to reference snapshots in change controls to view particular switch state pre and post configuration/image...
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Provisioning Cloud Vision Portal on AWS

Introduction This article demonstrates provisioning CloudVision Portal on AWS. With the release of CVP version 2018.x and upgrade of CVP platform to CentoOS 7.4, Cloud Vision Portal can be installed on CentOs servers with an RPM based script. This article specifically covers provisioning of CVP on the AWS EC2 Cloud platform. With CVP running on AWS users can easily manage AWS/OnPrem EOS instances from AWS and run analysis on CVP Telemetry/Compliance information with other AWS services and tools. Pre-Requisites 1) AWS account with appropriate privileges to create and access EC2 instances, DNS and NTP services. 2) Access to Arista.com Software...
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EAPI script to push extensions across list of EOS devices using Python

Introduction This article demonstrates Arista’s EOS automation capabilities leveraging eAPI. This document walks you through a script to Secure Copy (SCP) an extension on Arista switches along with installing the extension on the list of switches defined in the script. Pre-Requisites This script is supported on Linux/Unix/Mac Operation Systems. The Arista eAPI must be enabled on the switches and can be configured as follows: Arista> enable Arista# configure terminal Arista(config)# management api http-commands Arista(config-mgmt-api-http-cmds)# [no] shutdown Arista(config-mgmt-api-http-cmds)# [no] protocol https [port ] Arista(config-mgmt-api-http-cmds)# [no] protocol http [port ] Jsonrpclib python module, could be installed as follows: [admin@Arista ~]$ pip install jsonrpclib Deployment methods There...
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CloudVision Automated snapshot using Cloudvision API

Purpose The purpose of this document is to build an automated task to create container based snapshots using the CloudVision API along with a scheduled cron job from any reachable Unix/Linux/Mac server. This script will come in handy to compare network status/configuration of your entire network by taking snapshot on a predefined schedule and can be modified if an administrator’s requirements change. After we create a snapshot template in CloudVision (by default, CloudVision uses the show_inventory template, but can be customized with the desired set of commands),   we will write a simple Python script that leverages the snapshot template to perform...
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