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Per port Per VLAN Qos range

Classification of traffic for QoS policies on a per-port-per-vlan basis is already supported and corresponding information can be found here – http://eos.arista.com/eos-4-17-0f-toi/per-port-per-vlan-qos/. ‘match vlan’ configuration under a class-map helps in programming that configuration. This enhancement to the ‘match vlan’ is to allow configuration for multiple vlans as a range (single range or comma-separated multiple ranges) instead of just vlan and a mask. This feature only works with QoS-based class-maps. Platform compatibility DCS-7010T DCS-7050X DCS-7250X DCS-7260X DCS-7280E, DCS-7280R DCS-7300X DCS-7320X DCS-7500E, DCS-7500R Configuration Please refer to EOS configuration guide to configure ACL policing QoS and per-port-per-VLAN. Once created, policy-maps can be...
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