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Tap Aggregation traffic steering

Hello community,we are currently running a POC for TapAggregation at a customer site.They have a – in my opinion – quite simple requirement:– Traffic comes in from tap ports e1-e8– All traffic should leave tool port po25– A subset of the traffic – defined by an ACL – should also leave tool port po27 Now we have several issues:– An IP ACL on tool port po27 does not show any effect. I read that egress ACL might not be compatible with every platform so I guess that’s the reason (we use a 7280SE-64)– An IP ACL on the tap ports...
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issue using event-handler with bash command

Hi, I run vEOS 4.13.7M in VirtualBox. Inspired by the logGrab bash script provided here on EOS Central I wrote this tiny little script #!/bin/bash FILENAME=startup-config_$HOSTNAME_$(date +%Y-%m-%d.%H%M%S) cd /mnt/flash cp startup-config $FILENAME Invoked from CLI it works like a charm, producing lots of config files to fill my flash: Leaf1#bash /mnt/flash/archive_startup_configs.sh Leaf1#dir Directory of flash:/ -rwx         154           Feb 19 16:52  archive_startup_configs.sh -rwx          20           Jun 16  2014  boot-config drwx        4096           Aug 22  2014  debug drwx        4096           Feb 19 07:44  persist drwx        4096           Aug 22  2014  schedule -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:53  startup-config -rwx        1062           Feb 19 16:26  startup-config_2015-02-19.162615 -rwx        1062           Feb...
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