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Sflow IPv4 Tunnel Extension

When packets are encapsulated in tunnels via protocols such as GRE, sFlow samples with version 5 default extensions do not contain some important information about the packet including the IP address of the tunnel destination. Several additional, optional, tunnel extensions are defined in sFlow Tunnel Structure. The sFlow IPv4 tunnel extension feature provides the ability to add the extended_ipv4_tunnel_egress structure to packets forwarded via GRE next-hop groups. Platform Compatibility DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 Configuration The tunnel extension is added to compatible samples by configuring sFlow on a device and then adding the desired tunnel extension sample configuration. For example: Arista(config)#sflow run Arista(config)#sflow...
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TAP Aggregation – Traffic Steering using User-Defined Fields

This article describes the TAP Aggregation User-Defined Fields feature. The purpose of the User-Defined Fields feature is to provide custom offset pattern matching to be used in TAP Aggregation Traffic Steering. This allows for deeper packet inspection of up to 128 bytes. User-Defined Fields, or UDFs, are defined as part of an access-list filter and are comprised of an offset, length and pattern match. This describes a single portion of any incoming packet to match the provided value upon. Access-list filters containing a UDF are then applied as usual as part of a TAP Aggregation Traffic Steering policy. UDFs may...
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Advanced Mirroring Features

Filtered Mirroring Current Behavior Overview Filtered Mirroring allows certain packets to be selected for mirroring, rather than all packets ingressing or egressing a particular port. Platform compatibility DCS-7010T, DCS-7050X, DCS-7060X, DCS-7250X, DCS-7260X, DCS-7300X, DCS-7280E, DCS-7500E, DCS-7280R, DCS-7280R2, DCS-7500R, DCS-7500R2, and DCS-7020 are supported. Configuration Note: To use this feature on the DCS-7280SE, DCS-7500E, DCS-7280R, DCS-7280R2, DCS-7500R and DCS-7500R2 series, a platform configuration may be required to enable the mirroring ACL profile. See the platform-specific section for instructions. Filtered mirroring is configured by creating an IPv4, IPv6 or MAC access-list and then attaching it to a monitor session. For example: Arista(config)#ip...
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