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ASU Auto-patch

Description ASU allows a user to upgrade the switch to a newer software release with minimal downtime (no traffic loss). In some cases we need to make fixes/changes to the currently deployed software release running on the switch before proceeding with ASU. Previously, this was achieved by providing patches which had to be manually installed, on each switch requiring the changes, and in some cases different patches were required depending on the current EOS version running on each switch. In order to avoid this cumbersome effort, Arista has developed ASU Auto-patch. ASU Auto-patch is a software feature that will remove...
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Enabling Passive/Transparent Devices for PTP Multicast Routing

Why is PTP Multicast Routing Needed? PTP is a highly precise time protocol, the best practice for PTP is to introduce devices as PTP-Transparent (vs Passive) if the device is L3 and does not act as Boundary Clock. Any introduction of PTP-Passive devices in the path reduces the accuracy of the protocol. Both Transparent and Passive devices require additional configuration in order to forward the PTP stream. If a device must also manage a control-plane flow (and hence has a dependency on the control traffic), this can also reduce the accuracy of PTP.  Due to this, and as the capability for a...
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