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BFD for Static Routes

BFD for static routes enables monitoring of directly connected next-hop reachability using a BFD session. This is achieved by associating the next-hop of the static route with a static BFD neighbor configuration. The static route is either installed or removed based on the status of the underlying BFD session. A static route whose next-hop is configured to be tracked by BFD is referred to as a ‘BFD tracked static route’ in the context of this document. This feature is supported for both IPv4 and IPv6 static routes. Platform compatibility BFD for Static Routes feature is supported on all platforms. Configuration The existing...
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BGP AS path prepend using “last-as” keyword

The “set as-path prepend” clause in route-map configuration mode has been enhanced with the addition of the “last-as” keyword, which will prepend the AS path with the specified number of instances of the last AS number in the AS path. Currently, the command only accepts an explicit list of AS numbers to prepend to the AS path. This list may also include one or more “auto” keywords in place of AS numbers, which are replaced by the peer AS number for inbound routes, and the local AS number for outbound routes. By extending some AS paths, this feature enables customers...
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