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Enable 3 colors per tx-queue, ability to configure drop threshold per color & map DSCP

Introduction The feature is close to Assured Forwarding Per Hop Behavior where the classification of the incoming packets is based on different DSCP values and drop precedence needs to be set for them.                                                                               Class 1                 Class 2                  Class 3                  Class 4 Low  Drop Prec 001010 010010 011010...
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Aggregate Storm Control per Traffic Class

Introduction Aggregate storm-control with traffic-class option provides the capability to rate limit BUM( Broadcast, Unknown-unicast, Multicast ) traffic to user configurable value in pps( minimum value can go to 1 pps ) per traffic-class across all ports in the system. Platform compatibility DCS-7050QX DCS-7050SX DCS-7050TX DCS-7260QX-64 DCS-7060CX-32S Configuration CLI command to configure aggregate storm-control per traffic-class is Arista(config)#[no] storm-control bum aggregate traffic-class <tc> level pps <rate> ‘bum’ means BUM ( broadcast, unknown-unicast, multicast ) traffic. ‘aggregate’ means all ports. This will create a shared policer instance and attach entries corresponding to traffic-class to it. Sample configuration Arista(config)#storm-control bum aggregate traffic-class...
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