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Description Starting with EOS release 4.22.0F, the EVPN VXLAN L3 Gateway using EVPN IRB supports routing traffic from one IPV6 host to another IPV6 host on a stretched VXLAN VLAN. This TOI explains the EOS configuration and show commands. Platform Compatibility Platform supporting ND Proxy and ND Suppression DCS-7280R/7280R2 DCS-7050CX3-32S-F DCS-7050SX3-48YC12-F (Starting in 4.22.1F) DCS-7050SX3-48YC8 (Starting in 4.22.1F) DCS-7050/7050X/7050X2 (Starting in 4.22.1F) DCS-7260X/7260X3 (Starting in 4.22.1F) DCS-7060X/7060X2 (Starting in 4.21.1F) DCS-7250 (Starting in 4.22.1F) DCS-7300/DCS-7320 (Starting in 4.22.1F) Platform not supporting ND Proxy, No ND Suppression  DCS-7020R DCS-7160 DCS-7500R/7500R2/7500E Configuration Enable IPv6 Routing Enable global IPv6 unicast routing and IPv6...
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