• Author : Poorna Pushkala Balasubramanian


Support for Label Distribution to establish Point-to-Multipoint tunnels using LDP

Description The Multicast Label Distribution Protocol ( RFC 6388 ) is an extension of LDP to support creation of point-to-multipoint (P2MP) LSPs so as to support multicast forwarding in an MPLS network. When EOS is acting as a transit node, EOS will participate in the signalling of P2MP tunnels and in traffic forwarding through the P2MP tunnels replicating as needed. Platform compatibility DCS-7280R/R2 Configuration mLDP must be configured on all EOS duts that intend to participate in P2MP tunnels. All MPLS enabled interfaces will be able to support P2MP tunnels, once mldp is enabled. The following shows the configuration (config)#mpls...
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URL based import of AS path access lists

This feature adds the capability to import as path access-list from a URL, in release 4.20.1F.  The file specified by the URL can contain one or more as-path access-list entries. All the entries that are in the file are added to the as-path access-list being configured. This feature gives the advantage of using one EOS CLI command to configure many as-path access-list entries, instead of adding each one of them line by line in the CLI. Platform compatibility This is a platform independent feature.   Configuration [no] ip as-path access-list list_name source URL duplicate DUPLICATE_HANDLING Parameters list_name         the name of...
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