• Author : Russell Kelly


Centralized vs. Distributed VxLAN Routing with EVPN

Tech Note: Centralized vs. Distributed VxLAN Routing with EVPN Over the past few years EVPN VxLAN deployments have become an increasingly popular overlay architecture selected by customers, primarily in data-center layer 3 leaf-spine (L3LS) fabrics.  With this popularity, numerous deployment topologies, and configuration options have presented themselves. This article reflects our observations based on real-world deployment experiences on one such choice; centralized vs. distributed gateways. When deploying EVPN VXLAN integrated routing and bridging (IRB), both VXLAN bridging and VXLAN routing are required concurrently on the switch.  This capability is also commonly referred to as an EVPN VxLAN gateway. There are...
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