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Set TTL for PBRed packets

Description The feature allows modification of the egress TTL of packets routed via PBR, and  to modify the TTL of naked IP/IPv6 packet and the TTL of inner header for a tunneled packet . The TTL action will be effective only when it is configured along with a set nexthop or nexthop-group action, and the nexthop/nexthop-group is resolved, and TCAM profile has the ‘set-ttl-3b’ or ‘set-ttl’ action in the ‘pbr ip’ and ‘pbr ipv6’ features, such as in the “tc-counters” system profile. Supported Platforms: DCS7500R DCS7500R2 DCS7280R DCS7280R2 DCS7280R3 (since EOS-4.25.0) Configuration: Enable tc-counters TCAM profile: (config)#hardware tcam (config-hw-tcam)#system profile...
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Tap aggregation – user-defined TCAM profiles

This article describes user-defined TCAM (Ternary Content-Addressable Memory) profiles usage in Tap Aggregation. TCAM is a specialized hardware consists of tables that determine the traffic steering behaviour within the switch. The TCAM content is set according to policy ACLs, aggregation groups, and so on. We refer to the structure of the TCAM tables as a TCAM profile. Different TCAM profiles enable a different set of features. The user may use of the supplied TCAM profiles, or customize a TCAM profile to enable new capabilities that are not available in the supplied profiles. We refer to the customized TCAM profiles as...
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Tap aggregation – traffic steering on MPLS labels

This article describes the Tap Aggregation Traffic Steering on MPLS Labels feature. The purpose of this feature is to allow steering of MPLS packets based on their labels. A packet is considered an MPLS packet when the first header is Ethernet with Ethertype=0x8847 (MPLS). Platform compatibility PLATFORM INITIAL RELEASE DCS-7150S EOS-4.20.1F DCS-7280E/7500E EOS-4.20.1F DCS-7280R/7500R EOS-4.20.1F DCS-7280R2/7500R2 EOS-4.20.1F DCS-7280R3/7500R3/7800 EOS-4.24.0F DCS-7020R EOS-4.23.0F Configuration TCAM profile This feature requires the tap-aggregation-extended TCAM profile. The profile should be specified when enabling Tap Aggregation, for example: 7500(config)#tap aggregation 7500(config-tap-agg)#mode exclusive profile tap-aggregation-extended MPLS labels rules MPLS labels rules are specified in the MAC access-list...
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