• Author : Saravanan Sellappa


Support for IPv6 Link-local addresses in NHG entries

Description This feature supports IPv6 link-local nexthops belonging to a Nexthop Groups (NHG) Only nexthop groups of type MPLS support IPv6 and thus IPv6 link local next-hops are limited in support to next-hop groups of type MPLS Major advantage of this feature is to continue to allow next-hop group entries to be defined and used when devices are not configured with globally routable IPv4 or IPv6 addresses. Platform compatibility Platform independent Configuration MPLS next-hop group with IPv6 address now accepts an interface if the IPv6 address is a link-local. Please note the use of % between the IPv6 address and...
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This document describes about RFC7130 on EOS. RFC7130 defines a mechanism to run BFD protocol on LAG with an independent asynchronous BFD session on every LAG member link. With the support of RFC7130, any broken or erroneous member link of the LAG is cleared out with up BFD session flap on the member link. Configuration The following configuration example enables this feature under a routed or switchport port-channel. Arista(config-if-po1)#bfd per-link rfc-7130 Arista(config-if-po1)#[ no | default ] bfd neighbor This enables or disables BFD RFC7130 on that port-channel. It is disabled by default. Please note that both the above configurations...
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