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Tap Aggregation PTP Sync & Transparent Clock (TC) PTP Multicast Configuration

 Description This article covers the configuration required to run the PTP TC with multicast transport environment, and Tap Aggregation DUT time sync with PTP GM. Platform Compatibility DCS-7020 DCS-7280SE/ DCS-7500E DCS-7280R/RX DCS-7500R/RX DCS-7150 DCS-7050X/XX DCS-7060X/XX Topology Diagrams     Configuration In this PTP implementation example, the NY1 will act as BC and NY4 as GM. Both are configured as PTP BC clocks but NY4 due to its lower Priority1 value will win the BCMA election and becomes the master. The NY2 and NY3 are configured as E2E TC clocks and will require PIM to forward the PTP messages generated by...
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40G TapAgg BiDi Design

Arista QSFP BiDi optics allow both transmit and receive signals, to travel on the same fiber slice. The QSFP BiDi design provides 40Gbps (20Gbps egress & 20Gbps ingress on each fiber slice) bandwidth using the duplex MMF (OM3, & OM4) cable. This way one can leverage the existing cabling infrastructure to upgrade BW from 10Gbps to 40Gbps ( see diagram 1). The BiDi optics provides a number of benefits and some are listed below: ▪   Fiber replacement not required when moving from 10Gbps to 40Gbps ▪   Lower CAPEX as 75% less fiber comparing parallel cable (40G SR4) ▪   Interoperable with Industry standard...
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