• Author : Alex Reimers


Yum support for downloading extensions

EOS Yum support is a feature that allows yum repositories to be configured and saved in the running-config. This allows users to configure repositories that are persistent across reboots and download packages from the repositories. This feature allows an operator to configure a single yum repository and easily deploy extensions and security hot-fixes across all managed switches. Platform compatibility This feature is provided on all platforms Configuration & Usage The following configuration can be used under the configure mode to configure a Yum repository. Arista(config)#management package Arista(config-mgmt-package)#repository <repository-name> Arista(config-mgmt-package-repository-foo)#type yum Arista(config-mgmt-package-repository-foo)#description Network repo Arista(config-mgmt-package-repository-foo)#url http://url/to/my/repo The following is used to...
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