• Author : Akshay Viswakumar


Block Untagged Frames on Dot1Q-Tunnel Port

Introduction “Block Untagged Frames on Dot1Q-Tunnel port” is a new feature that has been added in this release. When this feature is activated, it can block any incoming untagged frame on Dot1Q Tunnel port. Ethernet frames carrying :  No Dot1Q tag (Untagged) or Dot1Q tag with VLAN Id equal to zero or Dot1Q tag carrying Tpid different than the one configured on Dot1Q tunnel port will be treated as Untagged frames, which will prevent them to flow through the VLAN of the Dot1Q-Tunnel port. This feature is applicable on the ingress direction and is supported at Ethernet interface and LAG level; This means that behavior applied to a Dot1Q-Tunnel port...
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