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Block unknown unicast flooding transmission per port

Hello, I am managing a data center spine-leaf architecture with a large l2 domain.  I am observing that my TOR switches (non-arista) are seeing a large amount of unknown unicast flooding coming from Arista leaf switches (7050SX-128).  This flooding is causing mac-address tables on TOR switches to surge up close to the maximum amount, which is creating MAC learning issues for the TORs. I am exploring options to fix this issue with blocking unknown unicast flooding on my Arista leafs out to the TOR switches.  I know that Cisco NXOS has a command ‘switchport block unicast’ that will prevent unknown...
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Bash ifconfig not showing intefaces assigned to VRFs

Hello All! I am attempting to perform a tcpdump on an SVI assigned to a non-default VRF.  When I drop to the Arista Bash CLI and run the ‘ifconfig’ command, I do not see the SVI listed.  I do not see any interface or SVI assigned to a non-default VRF in the list. Does anyone know how I would view ifconfig details on interfaces assigned to VRFs? My gear is:Arista DCS-7050SX-128-FSoftware image version: 4.17.1F


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