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IS-IS Purge Originator Identification

Description This feature implements support for RFC6232 that helps a user identify source of an LSP purge packet. It can be enabled on level-1 or level-2 or both. Once enabled, any purge LSP that is originated by the node will be added with a purge originator TLV which will contain its own system-id. Other nodes that receive this purge LSP will process the purge originator TLV and log the system-id of the originator. When a node that is enabled with this feature receives a purge LSP that doesn’t contain a purge originator TLV, it will add the purge originator TLV...
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IS-IS Authentication Using SHA

Description This feature implements RFC 5310 that allows IS-IS PDUs to be authenticated using following secure hash algorithms (SHA): SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512. The feature is supported in both default and non-default vrf. Unlike the existing authentication scheme based on MD5 and ClearText, with this feature two IS-IS nodes can be configured with different SHA algorithm and secret-key and can still exchange IS-IS PDUs. A IS node has to be configured with one or more key-id mapping that maps a integer to a security association. Security association consists of the secret-key and algorithm to be used. The IS...
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