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CLI Command for Fast Phy Link up

Description On most PHYs, we run a sequence of steps in order to bring the links up reliably, because of it’s conservative nature, it takes at least 2 seconds to declare a link-up successfully. This new per-interface CLI configuration command provides the user with an option to control the link detection behavior on the configured interface. Platform Compatibility DCS-7500R DCS-7500R2 DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 CLI Command CLI Config Command: switch(config-if-EtX)#[no|default] phy link detection aggressive When an interface is configured with the command “phy link detection aggressive”, it will result in a quicker and aggressive link-up declaration ( ~50ms ) on that interface....
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Show Interfaces Transceiver Dom [ Thresholds ]

Description This new CLI command provides all the DOM ( Digital Optical Monitoring ) data of the transceiver for the operational port. The new CLI display command is  show interfaces transceiver dom, optionally, specific interfaces are requested using show interfaces ethernetX/X transceiver dom. In addition, to procure the threshold information of all the present DOM parameters, one can run show interfaces transceiver dom thresholds command and optionally, the information for specific interface is requested with  show interfaces ethernetX/X transceiver dom thresholds. Show Commands For show interfaces transceiver dom: At the top of the display, there is a legend describing the acronyms used...
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Coherent Forward Error Correction

Coherent signaling technology is used for data transmission over long distances. These transmitted signals are highly susceptible to degradation. Forward Error Correction (FEC) helps in protecting data integrity over these long distances by recovering the degraded signal at the receiver using parity data that is piggy backed in the transmitted signal.   Platform compatibility : 7500R-8CFPX-LC 7280SRM-40CX2 with CFP2-DCO transceivers installed Coherent FEC algorithms supported:    Most of these coherent FEC algorithms are vendor proprietary, although some may be industry standard. Soft Decision FEC with 15% overhead (SD-15%) Soft Decision FEC with 20% overhead (SD-20%) Soft Decision FEC with 25%...
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