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SSO support for 7500R3 series

Description This TOI describes details and limitations of Stateful Switchover on Modular chassis with 7500R3 based line cards. Supported Chassis 7504N 7508N 7512N 7804CH 7808CH Supported Linecards All 7500R3 and 7800R3 based linecards Functionality and Troubleshooting Before running the Switchover command make sure to validate that all line cards, fabric cards and other agents in the switch are ready for switchover, by running “show redundancy status” command in the CLI. If any of the agents are not ready for Switchover, they will be listed under “Not ready for switchover (Agents not ready in standby supervisor)” in “show redundancy status” output....
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Support for L3 MTU on 7280R3/7500R3/7800R3

Add support for Layer 3 MTU on 7280R3/7500R3/7800R3 switches. Description Enforces the MTU for Layer 3 packets on 7280R3/7500R3/7800R3 switches. The MTU can be set on any SVI and the MTU of that specific SVI is enforced when the packets egress out of a trunk port.  This behavior is not supported on 7280E/R/R2 and 7500E/R/R2 line cards. MTU enforcement is done after adding all of the encapsulation headers in the Egress packet. For example, if an interface is configured with an MTU value of 1500 and the packet size is larger than 1500 with all encapsulation headers added, the packet...
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