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Forwarding destination prediction byte stream support

Description Forwarding destination prediction enables visibility into how a packet is forwarded through the switch, allowing you to determine which interfaces a packet would egress out of. This feature has been expanded upon with support for packets specified as a byte stream, allowing you to fully specify the packet. Please see the TOI on forwarding destination prediction for more details. Platform compatibility DCS-7020 DCS-7280/R/R2 series DCS-7500/R/R2 series Interactive Mode There are two methods of interacting with the command. The first method is to use an interactive prompt, and the other method is specifying all fields of the packet in a...
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Tap Aggregation – QinQ Identity Tagging

Identity tagging is an existing Tap Aggregation feature that allows a 802.1Q header to be added to packets sent by tool ports with a configurable identity value. This article describes a feature to enable QinQ identity tagging, allowing two 802.1Q headers to be added. Platform Compatibility PLATFORM INITIAL RELEASE DCS-7280R/7500R EOS-4.20.5F DCS-7280R2/7500R2 EOS-4.20.5F DCS-7280R3/7500R3/7800 EOS-4.24.1F DCS-7020R EOS-4.23.0F Frame Format The first 802.1Q header is called the “outer” header, and the second 802.1Q header the “inner” header. Configuration To enable QinQ identity tagging, a user-defined TCAM profile must be also configured. The following commands configure the user-defined TCAM profile tap-aggregation-user-qinq, based...
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