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“ip address virtual” support for PIM and IGMP

Description 4.22.1F introduces support for ip address virtual for PIM and IGMP in MLAG and Vxlan. On a VLAN, the same IP address can be configured using ip address virtual on both mlag devices as well as on different VTEPs. Control packets are source NATed by the kernel to a chosen IP address. The source NATing fails for PIM and IGMP. To overcome this, users can configure pim ipv4 local-interface and borrow the IP address to be used on the VLAN.  PIM and IGMP bypass the source NATing in the kernel. The interface configuration pim ipv4 local-interface allows PIM and...
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Set BGP Multi-Exit-Discriminator for IGP Routes

This feature allows for setting BGP path attribute Multi-Exit-Discriminator for IGP routes advertised by BGP. This feature supports OSPF, OSPFv3 and ISIS as IGP. By default, no MED value is set on exported routes. To set MED value, configure a route map using the command ‘set metric’ and apply it. This route map can be applied as an outbound route map or when redistributing routes from IGP into BGP. This command only sets the BGP MED on BGP routes which are redistributed from IGP and has no effect otherwise. Platform compatibility This feature is platform independent. Configuration The following example...
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