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Wake-on-LAN for Phone Trunk Ports

Description Some devices connected to Dot1x port in trunk phone mode won’t start authentication until it is awakened with a magic packet. A magic packet is a broadcast frame containing anywhere within its payload 6 bytes of all 255 (FF FF FF FF FF FF in hexadecimal), followed by sixteen repetitions of the target computer’s 48-bit MAC address, for a total of 102 bytes. When a system in place sends these magic packets from a remote subnet, the command “ip directed-broadcast” must be enabled on any SVIs of VLANs where sleeping systems reside. The remote system sends the magic packets...
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Framed IP Address

Starting from EOS 4.24.0F and EOS 4.24.0FX, RADIUS Attribute 8 (Framed-IP-Address) is included in Accounting Start, Stop and Interim-Update messages for supplicants whose IP addresses are determined by the switch. This feature is turned on by default and doesn’t require any CLI configuration. IP addresses of authenticated hosts are learned using one of the following means LLDP messages exchanged between the devices and the switch IP Locking database ARP database if the switch is also the gateway switch for the hosts Framed IP Address is sent in an Accounting interim Update if the IP address is learnt after an Accounting...
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