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Configure and Troubleshoot DNS on EOS

What is DNS? The Domain Name Server (DNS) maps FQDN labels to IP addresses and provides addresses for network devices. How to install it on EOS switch? EOS has a pre-installed DNSmasq service that can be used as a lightweight DNS server. The switch can be used in the recursive mode to take the local and external requests and forward them to an upstream DNS server.  Each network requires at least one server to resolve addresses. The configuration file can list a maximum of three server addresses. Configuration Step 1: In EOS CLI configure a name-server: ip name-server vrf default...
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Memory utilization on EOS devices

Overview Every operating system needs memory to store the data and the system memory is the place where the CPU holds current programs and data that are in use. This article aims at helping you understand how to check the memory utilization on an Arista switch. Memory Statistics In EOS, memory statistics can be viewed by multiple methods: CLI  show version  bash cat /proc/meminfo  show proc top  bash free -h show version and bash cat /proc/meminfo will show the same values for memory and it is a more accurate estimation of how much memory is available for processes to use....
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Recovering a switch from Aboot

Objective During the upgrade process, there could be multiple reasons for the switch to get stuck in Aboot such as corrupted image, unsupported image, incorrect boot file, or no image to boot from. The aim of this document is to describe the recovery procedure of the switch from Aboot shell.   Procedure Step1: Check if the relevant EOS image is already present in the /mnt/flash Aboot# cd /mnt/flash ← Change the directory to flash Aboot# ls ← list the contents of flash EOS-4.21.6F.swi  boot-extensions   persist scripts FSCK0000.REC   config_match rc.d  startup-config If the relevant EOS image is present, continue from...
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