• Author : Dinu Chacko


Configurable L2 EVPN MPLS control word

If a network uses deep packet inspection for its ECMP, RFC7432 recommends deployments to use a control word in L2 EVPN MPLS encapsulated packets in the data plane to ensure frame ordering. For interoperability purposes, if there are edge devices in the topology which doesn't support control word, the control word can be optionally disabled. Platform compatibility DCS-7500R DCS-7280R DCS-7500R2 DCS-7280R2 Configuration Disable the Control Word: switch(config)#mpls evpn switch(config-mpls-evpn)#no label-stack control-word switch(config-mpls-evpn)#exit Enable the Control Word: switch(config)#mpls evpn switch(config-mpls-evpn)#label-stack control-word switch(config-mpls-evpn)#exit By default the Control Word knob is enabled. Show commands In case Control Word is disabled we can see...
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