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Troubleshooting Dequeue deletes on 7280/7500 devices

Overview On a 7280 / 7500 devices, any known unicast packet which arrives on an ingress port is classified by the ingress processor based on priority level and egress port, and enqueued in the Virtual Output Queue (VOQ). The same would apply for BUM traffic if ingress only replication is enabled. The packet is enqueued on the ingress chip buffers until the egress packet scheduler issues a credit grant for the given packet. DeqDelete drops indicate stale packets in VOQ, i.e, packets which have been in the VOQ for more than 500ms without getting credits. These packets are deleted, and...
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ASN-mode regular expressions for BGP AS_PATH attributes

Description AS path access lists use regular expressions to filter AS_PATH attributes of BGP routes. EOS offers two modes for the regular expressions: string mode and ASN mode.  The string mode uses POSIX regular expressions and is not discussed here.  This TOI focuses on the ASN-mode regular expressions. Configuration The ASN mode is the default mode and it can be explicitly enabled with ip as-path regex-mode command: ip as-path regex-mode asn The ip as-path access-list command takes a regular expression that is used to filter BGP routes: ip as-path access-list <name> <permit|deny> <regex> [<origin>] ASN-Mode Regular Expressions Base Elements Base elements...
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