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Polling temperature values via SNMP

Hi All, After reading the snmp paper published in the kb (https://eos.arista.com/introduction-to-managing-eos-devices-monitoring/#21_Using_SNMP_for_monitoring), and browsing through the snmp mib tree for EOS, I have some questions regarding SNMP polling. What is the most important parameter that needs to be sampled for temperature? Cpu temp, Cpu board temp, Back-panel, Front-panel, hotspot, inlet, ambient temp? For each platform on the same switches series (7280), I see that the sensor number changes i can query sensor id#14 which on one is cpu board temp with ., but on 7280QR-C36, the cpu board temp is on sensor #2. I guess my question is – is...
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ISIS between Arista and IOS-XR

Hi I’m trying to establish isis between a cisco router, IOS-XR and 7280CR running 4.20.5F adjacency won’t come up. MTU on cisco side is 9216. on Arista side, IP MTU is configured as 9202. Layer2 MTU cannot be configured on this platform. hello-padding is disabled on both ends. I have 7280SR running an earlier version that works with the same cisco with the same configs. Has anyone had such problems with isis in 4.20.5F?

Spine-Leaf BGP EVPN Best Practice

Hello I’m seeking for a white paper\best practice document that can cover deploying a topology of spine-leaf data center. The points i’m seeking clarifications are 1. underlay L3 connectivity – is IGP required to be configured between spine and leafs. 2. is multicast a must between spine and leaf for control plan operation? (forwarding BUM packets?) 3. with vxlan, are there any problems using mlags? how can i advertise a certain MAC address is available from two different VTEPs and encapsulate into vxlan from both connections? 4. in terms of configuration, how can i deploy such a scenario? 5. unconventional as it...
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Redistribute Static\Connected to BGP

Hello I’m running EOS 4.17.7M on DCS-7280SR-48C6-M-F The envoirments serves both ipv4 and ipv6, IGP is isis. I’m trying to configure BGP and got into some issues here. under address-family ipv4 or address-family ipv6 there’s no command to perform redistribute connected route-map <route-map> Under global bgp configuration the command is there but not seperated ipv6 and ipv4, do I need to combine both in one route-map? will it work? The cisco equiviliant will be, i guess, something like router bgp 1   address-family ipv4 unicast     redistribute direct (or connected) route-map CONNECTED-TO-BGP     redistribute static route-map STATIC-TO-BGP   address-family ipv6 unicast...
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