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7800R3/7500R3/7280R3 L2 EVPN MPLS Support

Description The L2 EVPN MPLS feature is available when configuring BGP in the multi-agent routing protocol model. Ethernet VPN (EVPN) is an extension of the BGP protocol introducing a new address family: L2VPN (address family number 25) / EVPN (subsequent address family number 70). It is used to exchange overlay MAC and IP address reachability information between BGP peers. The release in which different features were supported in different platforms are as below: Feature Platform Release L2 EVPN MPLS SingleHoming DCS-7280R3, DCS-7500R3, DCS-7800R3 EOS-4.26.0F L2 EVPN MPLS MultiHoming DCS-7280R3, DCS-7500R3 and DCS-7800R3 EOS-4.27.0F Platform Compatibility DCS-7280R3 DCS-7500R3 DCS-7800R Configuration L2...
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Match MPLS in QoS class-maps

Classification of MPLS packets based on traffic-class bits in MPLS header for QoS Policy-Maps. Platform compatibility DCS-7020R DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7500 DCS-7500R2 Configuration 7500(config)#hardware tcam 7500(config-hw-tcam)#system profile qos 7500(config-hw-tcam)#exit 7500(config)#class-map type qos match-any class1 7500(config-cmap-qos-class1)#match mpls traffic-class ? $      end of range <0-7>  Match packets by Mpls Traffic Class value 7500(config-cmap-qos-class1)#match mpls traffic-class 4 7500(config-cmap-qos-class1)#exit 7500(config)#policy-map type qos policy1 7500(config-pmap-qos-policy1)#class class1 7500(config-pmap-c-qos-policy1-class1)#set traffic-class 3 7500(config-pmap-c-qos-policy1-class1)#exit 7500(config-pmap-qos-policy1)#exit 7500(config)#interface ethernet 3 7500(config-if-Et3)#service-policy input policy1 7500(config-if-Et3)#exit Status 7500(config)#show class-map class1   Class-map: class1 (match-any)     Match: mpls traffic-class 4 7500(config)#show policy-map policy1 Service-policy input: policy1   Hardware programming status: Successful   Class-map: class1 (match-any)...
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