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Troubleshooting Congestion

What is Congestion Congestion happens when a device receives more traffic than it can buffer or send out of an egress port. Whenever the network is congested, we can observe symptoms such as packet loss, slowness, low throughput and high latency.   Expected Behavior of the switch When a switch receives a packet, it takes an action to either forward or drop it. If the switch decides to forward the packet, it stores this packet in its buffer, where this packet gets queued to be sent to the egress port. Eventually, this packet gets sent out of the egress port....
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Traffic Generator on Arista

The following tools can be used to generate traffic on Arista switches for testing purposes : – Iperf  – Ethxmit Both Iperf and Ethxmit tools are pre-installed on Arista switches and no additional configuration is required to use them.                                                                                                                          ...
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VLAN Policy Configuration CLI

This feature is available in the VLAN configuration mode. When a switch receives a packet with unknown destination MAC address on a VLAN, L2 miss happens. The current behavior for L2 miss packets is to flood the packet on all ports of the VLAN. Sometimes the customers want to drop or log the L2 miss packets instead of flooding them on the VLAN. VLAN Policy Configuration CLI allows customers to configure how the L2 miss packets should be treated for each VLAN. There are three options available: Flood the L2 miss packets on the VLAN (default behavior) Drop the L2...
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Tap Aggregation support per-linecard TCAM profile configuration

Description As of EOS-4.21.0F, CLI commands can specify different TCAM profiles for different linecards in Tap Aggregation mixed mode. Before this feature is added, only one TCAM profile can be configured for all linecards in Tap Aggregation mixed mode. To offer more flexibility, it is very desirable to be able to specify different profiles for different linecards.   Platform Capabilities DCS-7500 DCS-7500R DCS-7500R2 Configuration Command to enable TapAgg mode and configure a TCAM profile for a Linecard set: (config-tap-agg)# mode mixed module <Linecard list> [ profile <profile> ]   Command to disable TapAgg mode for a Linecard set: (config-tap-agg)# no/default...
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