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Multicast Route Counters

This feature provides per multicast route ingress packet and byte counters for multicast routed packets. Platform compatibility DCS-7020R DCS-7280R DCS-7500R Configuration Per multicast route ingress packet and byte counters can be enabled/disabled using the following commands: Arista(config)#[ no ] hardware counter feature multicast ipv4 Create and apply user defined Tcam profile with multicast counter feature db enabled: Example: Create a profile copying from default and modify it Arista(config)#hardware tcam Arista(config-hw-tcam)#profile <profileName> copy default Arista(config-hw-tcam-profileName)#feature counter multicast ipv4 Arista(config-hw-tcam-profileName-feature-counter-multicast-ipv4))#exit Arista(config-hw-tcam-profileName)#no feature mirror ip Arista(config-hw-tcam-profileName)#exit Arista(config-hw-tcam)#system profile <profileName> Status Show command to see per multicast route ingress packet and byte counters: Arista#...
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Bidirectional PIM on DCS-7020R, DCS-7280E/R/R2, DCS-7500E/R/R2

Bidirectional PIM has information on Bidirectional Protocol Independent Mulicast (PIM). Additional information applicable to DCS-7020R, DCS-7280E/R/R2 and DCS-7500E/R/R2 is documented here. Platform compatibility DCS-7020R DCS-7280E DCS-7280R DCS-7280R2 DCS-7500E DCS-7500R DCS-7500R2 Limitations “Bidirectional PIM” is incompatible with “Dot1x MAB” and “Drop Mac” features. When more than one feature is configured, “Bidirectionl PIM” gets priority followed by “Dot1x MAB” followed by “Drop Mac”. If “Bidirection PIM” is enabled on platforms using Arista Algomatch, ACLs are not supported on routed multicast traffic including sparse-mode PIM


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