• Author : Ryan Halbrook


Multicast tree control in multi-tiered fabrics

Description Multipath color is a new multicast multipath mode for controlling PIM RPF selection. In the default multipath deterministic mode, multiple PIM routers with the same set of ECMPs to the source may make a different RPF selection decision. This may result in wasted bandwidth consumption since traffic may be unnecessarily duplicated. In multipath color mode, all PIM routers with the same set of ECMPs to the source make the same RPF selection decision (per source-group). Traffic is load balanced across ECMPs by source-group. Upstream PIM routers advertise a multipath color value in the PIM Hello message that downstream PIM...
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Multicast multipath router-ID (IPv4)

Description This feature provides multipath router-id, a new multipath mode to control the behavior of RPF selection. In the default multipath mode, it is possible that downstream Pim neighbors will select as RPF different upstream Pim neighbors despite having the same ECMP routes to the source. This may have the undesirable effect that the source has to deliver to multiple upstream Pim neighbors instead of one. When multipath router-id is configured, traffic for a group or source-group will be routed through only one upstream PIM neighbor for all downstream PIM neighbors given that these neighbors have the same ECMP routes...
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