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Syslog message generation on MAC table changes

This feature provides the ability to generate Syslog messages for the events related to mac address entries being learnt or removed from the mac address-table on the switch. Here we will leverage following two key features of EOS: Event Monitor Event Handler Platform compatibility This feature is supported on all platforms.   Configuration The following shows how to configure the event monitor and event-handler for generating syslog messages for each mac address entry learnt or removed from the eventmon database.   1) First of all, enable the event monitor on the switch with the help of command event-monitor. Switch(config)# Switch(config)#...
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Configure internet proxy on cvx

Hi Team, We have a CVX cluster deployed in our customer environment and customer would like to take benefit of Automated BugAlert service. Since CVX is on private network and does not have reachability to the internet, and in order to allow internet access it has to pass through the proxy server. Require assistance on setting up proxy on the CVX cluster. Thanks in advance.

VARP IP not showing in SVI in Telemetry

Hi Team, Telemetry is not showing Virtual IP address configured as VARP under SVI Interfaces. Referring the following path in telemetry. All Devices > Leaf > Interfaces > Routed Ports Can someone please confirm if this is expected behaviour or a known issue?


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