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SNMP MIB for MMU Watermark Counters

Description The MMU watermark counters report the maximum usage of the MMU queues during a given time window. This feature reports the values of those watermark counters for each interface on the system through SNMP.  The values are updated every 30 seconds, and will reflect the higher MMU queues usage during the 30 seconds window immediately preceding the update. Platform compatibility DCS-7050X DCS-7060X DCS-7260X DCS-7300X DCS-7320X Configuration The reporting is enabled with the command Arista(config)#platform trident mmu queue watermark mib It is disabled with the command Arista(config)#no platform trident mmu queue watermark mib The MIB name is ARISTA-XGS-MIB.txt. Limitations This...
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Stateful Switchover on DCS-7300x

Stateful switchover is a redundancy mode available on systems with 2 supervisor cards. One supervisor card is active and performs all the normal operations. The other card is in standby and is inactive. In the event of a failure of the active supervisor, the standby supervisor takes over and becomes active, preserving the configuration and with minimal traffic loss (up to 1s). The previously active supervisor is rebooted in standby mode if still present/functional.   Platform compatibility DCS-7304 and DCS-7308 Configuration To activate stateful switchover, issue the following commands on the system: Arista(s1)(config)#redundancy Arista(s1)(config-redundancy)#protocol sso Note: both supervisors must have the same...
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