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Demo: CloudVision skill for Amazon Alexa

Great APIs accelerate development of new applications and integration with existing tools and services. Check out the sample CloudVision skill for Amazon Alexa that the EOS+ Consulting Services team put together one afternoon! Please share and use the comments to tell us about other integrations that you would find interesting and useful!

Managing EOS configuration with Puppet and Templates

Availability, stability, and effort (time) to complete maintenance are key factors for network management. Taking advantage of automated configuration management tools such as Puppet enable network engineers to ensure consistency in configurations, test changes before applying them to production networks, and multiply their effort when making changes that touch multiple devices. Puppet is a versatile tool which can require a ramp up period. However, there are significant long-term benefits when multiple organizations (server, application, etc.) within your company share the same tool set and knowledge. The introduction of the eos_switchconfig Puppet resource type to the EOS module eases the transition for...
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Using vEOS with Vagrant and VirtualBox

Beginning with EOS 4.15.2F, vEOS is available as a Vagrant box for VirtualBox.  This single-file VM package makes it one of the fastest ways to get started with vEOS and is ideal for testing in automated environments.  Multiple VMs may be defined within a single Vagrantfile, including non-vEOS VMs, allowing an entire topology to be defined in a single file.  A customized Vagrantfile, checked in to revision control, is an effective way for multiple users to consistently recreate a complete environment. Prior to EOS 4.15.2F, the vEOS vmdk and Aboot.iso files can be converted to a Vagrant box by following the directions...
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Remote Port Health Manager

Overview: Remote Port Health Manager (rphm) monitors interface counters on one or more EOS devices.  It will send an SNMP trap to a management station whenever one of those counters increases at a rate greater than the defined threshold.  Further, rphm is easily extensible so other actions could be added. Example uses include: I want to know when one of my critical ports gets more than N number of CRC errors during a window of time. Am I receiving excessive rxPause frames from certain paths, and if so, when? When is there a burst in broadcast or multicast packets being transmitted from a...
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