• Author : Deepanshu Shukla


Support for dynamic load balancing on ECMP groups 

Description This feature adds support for “Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)” on Equal Cost Multi Path (ECMP) groups. It is intended to help  overcome the potential shortcomings of traditional hash-based load balancing by considering the traffic load of members of ECMP groups. It can also identify instances where the traffic flow can be moved to some other ECMP group member based on the traffic load of the currently selected member. Platform compatibility DCS-7260CX3-64 DCS-7260CX3-64E DCS-7060DX4-32 DCS-7060PX4-32 7368 Configuration This feature can be configured using following CLI command: switch(conf)#ip hardware fib load-balance distribution dynamic To disable this feature and move back to...
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