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Feature Benefits This feature makes sure that on a supervisor switchover, VxLAN bridging forwarding state is not affected. In line with 7500R/7500R2 SSO, VxLAN SSO keeps VxLAN bridging traffic flowing with sub-second loss. Terminology Term Definition VxLAN RFC7348 SSO Stateful Switchover Hitless Restart Minimal packet loss agent restart. Staging Synchronization mechanism used by software agents to track restart progress. VTEP VxLAN Tunnel EndPoint. VTEPs are configured on Arista switches to initiate and terminate VxLAN traffic. Platform Compatibility DCS-7504 DCS-7508 DCS-7504N DCS-7508N DCS-7512N VxLAN Scale Supported The current supported Vxlan scale is supported by this feature. This includes: 4K VNIs 4K...
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