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NAT support in Arista 7170

Description Network address translation (NAT) is a common method used to remap one IP address space into another by modifying the network address information in the header of IP packets while they are in transit across a routing device.   NAT was originally implemented and used as a way to avoid having to modify the address associated with every host every time a network was moved. However, it has also become a popular instrument to reduce the spread of IP addresses and to conserve the global address space while the IPv4 address gets near the exhaustion.   NAT is supported...
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MLAG Unicast Convergence

Feature Update: Please note that this feature has been updated and enhanced in EOS-4.24.1F MLAG Unicast Convergence provides the ability to fast redirect traffic through the other peer, in the event of local peer reloading or local peer’s MLAG interface(s) flapping. As of release¬†4.20.5F, this feature is now available on 7160 series switches. Here is a link to earlier TOI on¬†Mlag Unicast Convergence: https://eos.arista.com/eos-4-18-0f/mlag-unicast-convergence/


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